Trends women hate

Okay I have to answer the crap this person is writing.

1. Nothing is stopping you from walking at night. YOu are safer and less likely to be attacked than if a man was walking alone at night. Stats show men get attacked more than women do.

2. Your rant on “feeling comfortable on your own” … Feminists will protest and scream if a man shames someone and yet your idea to help your fellow woman who is not confortable is to run away and make fun of her fashion choices? Really?

3. The reason men ponder this and I’ll tell you this from experience from when I was in grade school and had female friends. SOME UNDERAGE GIRLS TRY TO DATE OLDER MEN AND HAVE SEX WITH THEM! That’s right little girls do go out and have sex. They will purposely trick adult men into having sex by dressing like a fucking 19 year old. They pile on the makeup and do their hair and then go on dates with guys and tell them GASP! They are 18 or 19. THis is part of your privlege by the way. The girl because she is a girl doesn’t get into trouble but the guy who has no clue that the girl is underage can and will be arrested with rape if caught, even though the girl tricks him. So when you hear a guy ponder a girls age, it’s because he had a fucking bad experience with a girl.

4. Sigh. Femininazi is a term used my men like myself because if you have read the feminist literature, including SCUM MANIFESTO, it is about the degradation, belittling and even mass killing of men. Feminism is not about equality like they tell you.

5. Neither is sneaking into a man’s bedroom and sucking him off while he is asleep or drugging him and fucking him silly even after wakes up and tells you no. But women don’t seem to have a problem doing this too. Fortunately, you won’t be arrested for rape but men will be if they did the same thing.

So yeah .. You may hate those “Trends” but when you have double standards, use the law to perform hate crimes against men and try to create brand new genders out of thin air, you femininazi’s tend to come off as insane.


8 thoughts on “Trends women hate

  1. If I see someone who looks distressed about something Eg: Uncomfortable. I don’t walk away. I actually go to them and find out if they are okay and need to talk. If they respond they are okay then I leave them alone. However, many times I’ve found myself being the stranger on the bus that the person talks to, letting out the stress of whatever is on their minds. I actually recommend doing this to others and NOT running away. Showing compassion to strangers is something more people should do would be a more appropriate advice than running away.

    If your writing a fashion blog, the article didn’t come off as that and came off as some pro feminist propaganda piece. It really didn’t sound humorous at all. However, I apologize if I sounded harsh. I’ve been researching feminism and the men’s rights movement and find myself very angry at the imagined wrongs modern feminists believe and are teaching kids that enter into “gender studies”. The SCUM Manifesto in particular. Meanwhile real men’s issues are out there and the feminists who claim they are for equality outright ignore and laugh or even claim the men’s groups that form are hate groups. So that being said, anything under the tag “Feminism” is pretty anger inducing. And I admit and apologize, I may have been a tad out of line. For that I do sincerely apologize.


    1. ah I see where you were coming from, I do understand peoples aversion to feminism but unfortunately it is because of people who cloud the movement. To me feminism is for everyone’s rights, the rights of all men who feel as though they are lesser for doing traditional feminism things, for trans men, LGBT men, and of course for women everywhere who are told how to be etc. The point of this article was in response to those trends men hate articles that appear. I find them so silly and ridiculous because it paints men as shallow and controlling to demand a woman dress a certain way and it puts woman in a position of having to change what they like to suit other people. This was a trends woman hate article to explain that there are actual trends in society we should give a damn about half as much as a high waisted shorts, the piece should buy and large be read with a shallow tone for a serious issue, satire on news if you will. And I think where you and I differ is actually because of experiences based on gender, if I see a person uncomfortable and being hit on or harrassed I will always go in and act like I haven’t seen them in ages and take them away. But if I see someone uncomfortable on their own I tend to want to give them their space, especially if they are a woman. I myself have often been on my own and always alert if travelling at night, given how vulnerable women are to attacks, and there is nothing I dislike more than having my space invaded when it so clearly isn’t welcome, just because I am waiting on my own does not mean I am waiting for someone to start harrasing me. I’m glad we understand each other now though, and thank-you sincerely for giving your opinion and then apologising for your tone. I really enjoy engaging in discussion with people such as yourself who are able to keep a level head.


      1. Rights for all is called Egalitarianism. Not feminism. It’s a real word and has been around for centuries. Feminism has never been for equal rights for all. It’s always been termed as being Equality for all via equal rights for women. That is not the same thing. Granted it sounds close but it’s really not.


      2. I’m aware of the word egalitarianism. The reason it is called feminism is because it started with the movement for women, like most movements it has progressed, and now focuses on many issues one of them being the fact that the feminine is not equal in society. Everday sexism, patriarchy, kills men it tells them they can’t express their feelings show weakeness etc. The word feminine in the title is because it’s about making the effeminate as equal in society as the masculine is, and to stop enforcing these roles on men and women. That is my understanding of the word anyway.


      3. Well I disagree because I myself am a feminist and fight for the rights of everyone. I just think it’s better to leave the conversation where it is now, because I don’t think either of us want to continuously play back and forth on the internet.


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