Justin Trudeau is now Prime Minister of Canada. – What does this mean?


What exactly does this mean?   It means absolutely nothing.   Trudeau is not the leader of the Canadian government.  Neither was Harper.   They are figure heads.  Meant to persuade you that you that they are in charge, when in reality.  They are not.

Never in our history has any prime minister made any changes.   His father, was the figure head who everyone praised like a god, but never once considered the long term harm he would do, and did.

Justin, born with a silver spoon up his butt, but with the good looks like people flock to, has no value.

Will anything change?   Not in the slightest.

The government will allow the spying on it’s own people, without any oversight or warrants.
The government will continue to raise taxes.
The government will continue to have scandals.

Here are some of Trudeau’s campaign promises:

Mr. Trudeau has promised that half of a Liberal cabinet would be women.
(This can NOT be fulfilled unless women step up and are qualified.)

Promising unions $750 million for skilled trades funding.
(This can be fulfilled but where does that money come from?  From the taxpayers of course.  And since the government is in debt, then they would have to raise taxes.)

Add $515 million in funding for first nations education.
(While this is a noble promise, it ignores the fact that canada has no money to do this.  Raise taxes.)

Lower the federal income tax rate to 20.5 per cent on incomes between $44,700 and $89,401, paying for it by raising taxes on the wealthiest one per cent. Bring in a new, tax-free child benefit to replace the Conservative universal child benefit.

(What Justin fails to understand is the wealthy one percent couldn’t cover the cost the loss of income tax the drop would cause.   The middle class in canada is the largest class.   The top one percent, couldn’t possibly cover the loss.   The man used to be a teacher and I shudder at the thought of his math skills).

Change labour laws to ensure that employees in federally regulated industries have the right to ask their bosses for flexible work hours.
(What this means is people (women) would be able to take more time off work to be with their family.  For example: a woman who now gets a year off maternity leave, would get to take even more time off, and be able to go back to work of and off as much as they want up to 18 months of time.  Per child.  That means if a woman has 3 children during her career, she would would be able to take up to four and a half years off.  And feminists are confused about the wage gap now, but they will freak out when the numbers start showing that in Canada the gap widens because of policies like this one if implemented.  Now I know he worded it “person”, which is due to the fact, he cannot discriminate, and so it sounds like men will be able to use this time as well, however, we know from history, that only a few men will benefit.  It will be the women who will be the major beneficiaries, not men.  So really this policy is sexist against men.)

Justin Trudeau has made so many election promises and all will cost money, but the money has to come from somewhere, so here are a few predictions:

Taxes will rise to the point the middle class will shrink, and the poor will grow.
The government will become more oppressive to it’s citizens.  We can even see TSA like systems put into place.  More family units will break down due to finances.
There will be a battle of the sexes in Canada.  Men against women.  Women demanding what men have, but not wanting to work for it.
And in future elections, people will blame the non voters for not stopping Trudeau from getting into power.   Just like they did with Harper, even though many of the complainers voted him in.

Stop being stupid people.   The government is a corporation, and they don’t care about you.  They have no obligation to protect you.  And since they have no legal obligation to protect you, they will do everything to scam you.

Dear Feminists and Canadian Universities…. This is what happens when you belittle, and demean half the worlds population.

Dear Feminists and the Universities of Canada,

I’m writing this to tell you something.    Don’t try to use your feminist logic to assume I’m saying something else.  I’m not.   What I say, is what I mean.

I am not making a threat.  I am making a statement.

This open letter is in regards to the online comments that have been made recently online, by the kids in 4chan.   So far, their comments, which have not been threats, but you chose to view this as a threat, and that is fine.    I state this is fine, because, for you to feel threatened, you must think that these people must have reason to be angry with you, and in that logic, you are correct.

Universities have allowed feminist ideology to infest campus doctrine and has spread like a bacterial infection that resists any antibiotics.     It attacks men at every chance it can,   It’s professors are there to teach reason and logic, and instead teach illogical, nonsense in gender studies courses.

During their university days, they are inundated with rhetoric of hate.  Hate against men.   That one in four men in college will commit an act of rape, or that they will be rape upwards of five times in their life.  That a woman, who is strong and independent, cannot accept responsibility of consent when she has been drinking, and has been raped, regardless of her approval for sexual intercourse, and yet the man, who is equally drunk, is responsible for his consent.  (All of which are lies)

Due to the illogical thought process,  that feminists now have, all due to the gender studies courses and their so called professors, they come out hating the world and blaming men for their lack of direction, lack of education, and are unable to get jobs.     They go on to blame men, yet again, via the mythical patriarchy, and the equally mythical wage gap, which of course has been debunked by even prominent feminists.

You teach these young women, to be entitled to whatever a man earns, instead of earning it for themselves, like other strong independent women have done throughout the ages.   You teach them that they need to do whatever they need to do, to steal a man’s earnings, ruin a man’s life, and even to lie, when it comes to rape, assault and other serious crimes.

This is not only affecting young women in serious ways, but young men as well.   The toxic nature of feminism in universities, has caused young men who participate in these gender studies courses to loose their sense of self and become self hating, looking for approval from their female counterparts.  Seeking not only approval but a sense of identity.  By teaching things like CIS gender, and that masculine behavior is toxic to society, you are teaching hatred.   These young men come out of universities with low self esteem, many have lost their identities that took a lifetime to build, and even question their gender orientation, causing physical harm, emotion harm and in some cases, death by suicide.

Universities used to be places of learning, but have now become places of hate.   They preach, that is okay for women to be allowed “safe places”, but not men.   Groups like CAFE are attacked, when they wish to have meetings to discuss men’s issues that affect them, but because they do not accept the feminists narrative, they get called  a hate group, and are attacked at every chance.

Feminists are not what they used to be in the eighties or nineties.    Those women were true feminists.  They wanted equal treatment, not special treatment.  They wanted to be able to sleep with whomever they wished and accepted the consequences of doing so.   Today’s feminists that are coming out of the Canadian Universities, do not want to accept any responsibility for anything.  They don’t want to work as hard as everyone else, they do not wish to earn those positions of prestige, like being members of a board.    They refuse to listen to reason and don’t understand why their choices, affect their earning potential, or even that by choosing to sleep around, without protection, that they will be mothers when they are not ready, and end up miserable.

This is why, you have been seeing those online comments as threats dear feminists and universities.    This is why your guilty conscious, perceives angry comments online as threats and not comments.  It is because deep down, you know you are doing something wrong.

And you know what Universities and Feminists?   You do deserve it.  If you continue, the way you have, things could get worse.   Men in general have formed groups outside of your college campus’, they have joined online communities to discuss these issues.    Some see you as a joke, some see you as harmless, but some, do not see you as anything but a threat, and sadly, those are the young men who are surrounded by the hate on campus’s across Canada, and even the United states.

Now here is a dose of truth, and reality.   Women are treated very well in western society.   They are not treated equal, no.  They are actually treated superior than men.   They get so much preferential treatment due to their gender, that men, are dying because of it.

Your own universities have incentives to get women into the campus’, and stem branches of learning.   Incentives which you profit from, and due to this men are lagging behind in education.   Not equal.

In law, women are treated as victims, even when they commit crimes.   It is less likely a jury will convict a woman than if the defendant was a man.  If a man goes to trial, the chances of him going to jail for the same crime a woman does rises significantly.

In society, if a woman is beating a man in public, he is laughed at, and teased, and accused of “deserving” it, by both men and women.   If a man beats a woman in public, or even defends himself from an attack from a woman, then he is accused of being a criminal.

In the workplace, women can make a complaint about sexual harassment, without any evidence or proof and it is taken seriously.   If a man makes the same complaint about a woman, it is treated lightly and even ignored.

The real feminists attained equality for their gender decades ago.    It is now time to stop the gender studies courses.  It is time to turn to real learning.

Stop teaching hate, stop teaching young minds to hate half the population.  Or you may find that half the population will fight back, and by looking at today’s society, that time may not be that far off.

Yours Truly.
A Man

The God Theory – It’s not exactly what everyone thinks.

I’m going to start by saying, that I am not religious.   I have always believed that organized religion is a way to control the masses and make money.  After all, the pope sits on a throne made of pure gold and has robes lined with threads of gold and wears a crown that is gold as well.

That being said, I’ve never fully disbelieved in spirituality.   Many cultures, if not all, believe in higher beings.   What I considered is one line, that most religious people state, and that is “We are made in his image”.     I always found that odd.  How can we be made in “god’s” image and yet no one knows what “he” looks like, and that made me think.  I thought about this for years off and on.   If god is so vast, how could we possibly understand such a being?    Then that led to my working out what I am about to tell you.    Please keep an open mind, as it may go against what you have been taught, or believed.   My theory is just a theory, unproven, and untested.    However, if it is true, then it is the tie that binds, and harmonize science, vs religion.

So here is my theory.

test molecule

We are all made in his image?   What is that image?  What does he look like?   What are the things in the universe that are common in everything.

The molecule.   Everything in the universe is made up of molecules.  Everything.  What if the molecule we know is just the smallest that we can see?    What if there are larger molecules, out there from our point of view?  What if that larger molecule was say, planet sized?

Imagine if you will, every planet in the universe, a molecule.  Each sun a neutron.  Giving life energy to those molecules.   We know from science that molecules die out, turn to “dust”.  Our bodies are made up of molecules.  What if the universe is “Him”.  Every part of the universe is part of him.  Including every being, every plant, every animal.

Think of space.   How vast and empty.   What if I  told you that was the space in between molecules?   Imagine if we are tiny, so tiny that a molecule looked as massive as a planet, the space in between molecules would be that vast.   So if that is the case then maybe, we are all god?

Molecules by themselves are not that great, one molecule for instance cannot form a table for instance.   A billion molecules together, however, do make a table.     We human beings work the same way.   One person, by himself cannot make an army, or build a skyscraper.   A million people however, can change things.  Build cities, accomplish so much.

When we destroy the object, we are not really destroying the molecules.  We are just changing the configuration.  Turning the object from one shape to a completely different shape.   The molecules are still there.

When a planet disintegrates, it’s molecules form dust.  That dust can sit in the vastness of space, until gravitational forces pull it together to form a new planet or turn it to something else.  Like a moon, or even into a new star.

If we are made up of molecules, and all those molecules, billions upon billions beyond counting, in infinite number, then is it not possible for those molecules in our bodies, are the same as the planets in the universe?

Some questions arise from this vastness, and I do not claim to have all the answers.   The molecule is the one thing that is literally universal, and it is the only thing can resolve the conflict between science and religion.

If we are created in god’s image, and everything in the universe is made up of molecules, then I propose that we are all god, and are all part of that vast being.   The universe would be that being.   Outer Space, being the space between the molecular structure of that infinite being.

This theory does also resolve the idea that yes indeed there are multiple universes.  If we have this universe, then why can’t there be others?

In life we know there has to be balance.  Otherwise, bad things can happen and living things can die.  Their molecules being returned to the planet, air, etc.   A plant for example when it dies, will change it’s molecular structure from green, and thriving, to dry, and turn to dust.     When a person dies, our body’s molecules change, until we are dust.  Even, our bone’s molecules change to dust.

Speaking of death of the body.    What happens to the neurons that fire in the brain when the body dies?    I’m not talking about the brain, but the energy?   What happens to it?   We know that our brains neurons fire a type of energy which causes our brain to run.  The spark of thought I call it.     What happens to it?

I theorize that the energy doesn’t just disappear.  It is released or dissipates and changes form, much like the molecules.  Energy never just goes away.  It can be changed from a powerful force to something that we can’t use.   Much like how the steam engine can change water to steam and use the steam to push a piston and then the steam that is released into the air cools and changes and helps the clouds form, and cause rain.

The universe is the same.   Our energy doesn’t just go away.  It changes.  It becomes an energy that is part of the planet.  Have you ever had a thought that was completely original, and then came across that same idea from someone on the other side of the planet?

(example of a mapped out Ley Lines of the planet)

Our “molecule” has a magnetic field, but there is another energy which permeates the planet and many cultures and people have even tried to give that life energy a name.  Ley Lines.  Some have tried to map them out, and I have no idea how accurate they are.  If true, this would be where the energy is released when the body dies.  It “returns to the earth” so to speak.   This would also explain why some people “hear” dead people, or feel uneasy at certain places, or have connections with people the first time they meet them.   Chances are they met them before.    It would explain much about reincarnation theory, and on the whole makes me think that is more than possible.   Even, the idea of a heaven, or hell.   Your thoughts are powerful, and full of energy, and when your brains energy releases, it joins with other energy and a “heaven” is created, out of thought alone and given life with energy of that thought changed form.

When two people have intercourse and the sperm, enters the egg, it causes cell division, and that energy is drawn from those lines from the planet.    That “spirit” is given to the new life forming.  That is how we are reborn, and why we sometimes have such strong connections to other people.  Chances are we did meet them, and fall in love, and have a life in some previous life.


I don’t expect anyone to believe me.  As I said at the beginning, this is a theory. My theory.   I do not have the skills to prove this.  That would be up to someone else to prove or disprove.   If correct it would solve so many of life’s questions and as well change how we would see life and death.    It would being science and spirituality together instead of at odds, and help us understand the universe a bit more.

It also does a few other things as well.  It eliminates the idea that the bible was written by “god” and the words inside it were a  primitive understanding of what is a bigger question but written by men.  Not by gods.

I sincerely hope you take something good from this.    If we are all created in his image then we need to understand ourselves and the universe we live in.  Otherwise we cannot even begin, to claim we know what he wants.