About Little Ole Me

I’m just your average guy from Canada who one day decided to start his own business.  In order to protect myself and any clients I felt I needed to know how to write a valid contract.  That started my education into contracts, law, then grew from there to government, central banks, banks and some history into these subjects.

Years later, I’m sharing my knowledge.    What you choose do with it is your business and your risk.  This is just information from my world view.  I fully admit there are gaps and I learn things everyday.  Nothing in life is set in stone and if you think that way then your in trouble when things change.

In my journey of knowledge the one thing I learned is that the world we have been taught in school and what is perpetuated is a lie.   A huge lie spanning centuries.    My blog is about lifting the fog of lies that have put around us and bringing the light of truth into our lives to help stop the insanity that society is heading into.

(The information in my blogs concerning almost everything can be applied to any country that started as an English colony or has a central bank in it, or a law society based on English maritime law)

12 thoughts on “About Little Ole Me

  1. enjoyed your article re habitat for humanity i had the big displeasure of working for them for 2 years and finally had to take 3 months stress leave and was going to launch an harrasment charge against them, these people so called christians are making money of the backs of others,,


  2. I would like to see if you can help me-habitat has taken several homes from people in my locale and I’m trying to fight them taking mine.


    1. While I sympathize with you, this is something that a lawyer can help with. As well, from what I have been told, each family that had their home taken would need to each get lawyers and go from there. I’m just a blog writer and have no legal credentials.


  3. I am dealing with a lawyer that represents HFH at this very moment. My sister and I are heirs to a small property that was purchased by someone who paid the delinquent taxes. he is now asking us to sign a quit claim to the property for $1,000 each. He stated it will help a needy family with a home I feel this is some BS. What is really happening?????


    1. Hi Theresa, A quitclaim deed is basically them wanting you to sign away the property and walk away. They will give you a grand and you get to walk away. HOWEVER, in some states you still are liable for any debt on the property etc. So I wouldn’t recommend signing that, and I would get the property assessed to find out the real value. NEVER go by what they say, as their lawyers are working for Habitat and never for you.


  4. Hi I myself am also having a big problem with Habitat for Humanity because I signed a contract to a home unit and they gave me a totally different unit, and I have been having many issues since then. and to be honest I don’t trust any Lawyer and was wondering if you would recommend a lawyer who would be able to deal with a large organization such as Habitat for Humanity?


    1. Hi zienab,

      Unfortunately I cannot. This is a tricky question. First, while this falls under real estate law. What you describe might be considered fraud and so to fight this you would need a different kind of lawyer. Then there is the matter of not knowing where in the world you are. You could be in the USA, Canada, or even somewhere else.

      What I can recommend and anyone else looking for a lawyer is to find one locally. Start with a real estate lawyer and get a free consult from one to find out from them what type of lawyer you need.

      The other issue you may want to consider and something I didn’t discuss is who you are going to be fighting in court.

      Habitat works like a franchise system in fast food. They have their HQ and then the franchisees that cover areas. When one of the franchisees run into legal battles, they have the HQ Legal team and even in some cases funds to draw from. Especially when it affects the entire brand. Then HQ comes in.

      I’ve read news articles when I was doing my research into how they operate, and found that people who had gone after Habitat found themselves being mired in possibly years and years of litigation because HQ will do everything legally to squash anyone who threatens that brand.

      Now that being said what they do publicly is they will distance themselves from the franchisee and tell the papers that this is not how they operate, “insert lame excuse here” and people then will forget about the lawsuit as being a one off.

      So the only thing I can recommend is do your research on the lawyers in your area, ask them when you meet with them how many cases they win vs how many they have lost. Check reviews and go from there. Real Estate law is a good starting point.

      Good Luck.



  5. I am currently a victim of Habitat For Humanity. They are trying to take my house and I am going on my 8th year of living there. I hired an attorney and he withdrew on me out of the blue. I need some sort of help. I have tried to hire a different lawyer at this point no luck. Now that I am not represented I spoke with an attorney for Habitat and the offer I was given is I sell my house to Habitat and they give me 10K and that’s it. That’s not even enough to cover my attorney’s fees. I read another post and the person said that Habitat just left them high and dry and that’s exactly what they did to me until they saw an opportunity to steal my house and threaten me with foreclosure but I am not behind on my payments or bills.


  6. I have spent my entire adult life working for Habitat for Humanity. Most comments I have read here are nothing close to true when speaking about Habitat as a whole. I have spent extended time with multiple Habitat Affiliates and have experienced the complete opposite of what you and some of these people have said. Shame on you for spreading false information. Educate yourself before spreading lies.


    1. Congratulations on your accomplishment of working for your entire adult life, working for them. However, if you do a google search, you can find millions of stories like this from around the world.

      The way they operate is exactly how I wrote. It may not have ever have happened in your area that you could see, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I ask that you go into a re-store and see the brand new appliances they don’t sell to the general public but save for builders. Or speak with people who have been scammed by habitat. Just look at the comment section to see that you’re wrong about habitat.


      1. Heh. Given that no one has yet found a way to nail Habitat for Humanity for the misrepresentation and misdeeds, it occurs to me that no one should enter into negotiations with them until they have an agreement with a media outlet to follow the process every step of the way, be it a local newspaper, or beyond.

        On the other hand, I worked on one build 20 years ago. A church, (I was not connected to it, nor any other church), was acting as sponsor and raised funds, etc. for the build. Part of the recipient agreement was that all volunteers would attend an open house/house warming when the job was done, in part to see the finished job. The recipient refused. And, it turned out that the recipient’s family owned the land, and that her family owned construction companies, and they worked the job. As to the restores? Absolutely for contractors and monied people. Needless to say, in my experience, the church, and its members, and the genuine volunteers were complete screwed.

        To experience people with good hearts, and skills, get so shafted once, was enough. Had Habitat done due diligence on the aforementioned project, they never would have gotten involved. Scammed by scammers better at it than they are.


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