About Little Ole Me

I’m just your average guy from Canada who one day decided to start his own business.  In order to protect myself and any clients I felt I needed to know how to write a valid contract.  That started my education into contracts, law, then grew from there to government, central banks, banks and some history into these subjects.

Years later, I’m sharing my knowledge.    What you choose do with it is your business and your risk.  This is just information from my world view.  I fully admit there are gaps and I learn things everyday.  Nothing in life is set in stone and if you think that way then your in trouble when things change.

In my journey of knowledge the one thing I learned is that the world we have been taught in school and what is perpetuated is a lie.   A huge lie spanning centuries.    My blog is about lifting the fog of lies that have put around us and bringing the light of truth into our lives to help stop the insanity that society is heading into.

(The information in my blogs concerning almost everything can be applied to any country that started as an English colony or has a central bank in it, or a law society based on English maritime law)


5 thoughts on “About Little Ole Me

  1. enjoyed your article re habitat for humanity i had the big displeasure of working for them for 2 years and finally had to take 3 months stress leave and was going to launch an harrasment charge against them, these people so called christians are making money of the backs of others,,


  2. I would like to see if you can help me-habitat has taken several homes from people in my locale and I’m trying to fight them taking mine.


    1. While I sympathize with you, this is something that a lawyer can help with. As well, from what I have been told, each family that had their home taken would need to each get lawyers and go from there. I’m just a blog writer and have no legal credentials.


  3. I am dealing with a lawyer that represents HFH at this very moment. My sister and I are heirs to a small property that was purchased by someone who paid the delinquent taxes. he is now asking us to sign a quit claim to the property for $1,000 each. He stated it will help a needy family with a home I feel this is some BS. What is really happening?????


    1. Hi Theresa, A quitclaim deed is basically them wanting you to sign away the property and walk away. They will give you a grand and you get to walk away. HOWEVER, in some states you still are liable for any debt on the property etc. So I wouldn’t recommend signing that, and I would get the property assessed to find out the real value. NEVER go by what they say, as their lawyers are working for Habitat and never for you.


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