Taking Responsibility for your Obesity


It’s time to burst the bubble of many people.   I have noticed that many people don’t like to take responsibility for their actions or try to blame others.    Let’s use coca-cola company for an example.

The company has never, ever claimed that their products are healthy, or good for anyone in large amounts.    They have made the claim that their diet drinks are healthier than their sugary counter parts, but that is not the same as a healthy product.

Every so often I see memes and videos of interviews etc, about sugary products like coke and how they are bad and the company is at fault for people being obese.

Reality check:

People CHOOSE to drink those products.
People CHOOSE to drink those products to excess.

If you go to the movies and order a combo with a jumbo cup of coke and you drink that entire drink, then that is your fault and not theirs.   You didn’t have to order that size or drink the entire drink.

Blaming the company instead of yourself for your obesity is part of the reason why you are fat.   And yes I will say fat.      Fat is not a negative word, it is a descriptive one.

A fat person blaming a company for them being fat is like an idiot who leaves their car door open with the keys in the ignition and then gets upset that their car got stolen and blames the car company for not making it more secure.

If you got diabetes from drinking cases of soda, then you are to blame.   It is common knowledge these drinks are not good for you.  Even the diet ones.   Anyone, and I mean anyone can look up information now very quickly and there is no excuse to blame others for your stupidity.

I know and have met people who have tried to blame companies for their stupidity and see it daily.   It’s just retarded and it’s wrong.

Take responsibility.  Admit that you bought those products and if you truly didn’t know they weren’t healthy, then you assumed they were and now your angry.    It’s perfectly alright to be angry, but be honest about who you are angry with.  It is yourself.  Not the company that sold you the product.

Now I’m not saying all products and companies are not to blame.   In fact one off the top of my head comes to mind that has a big redheaded clown as a mascot, which made it’s money from targeting young kids.

Some are to blame for mislabeling and such, but in the end it’s still on you, because you didn’t bother to do your research on the product or company and you bought the product and ingested it.

That’s all on you.    As well, if your parent and you choose to feed your child sugary or fatty foods like fast foods, processed foods like tater tots, or chicken nuggets then you again are at fault and not the company.

Blaming the companies for providing a product that consumers are consuming is disgusting and people really need to just man up and own up to their actions.

Yes, I’m talking about you.