GoFundMe Pages – Digital Begging, because it’s easier than work.

I’m going to start off by saying, not all the campaigns on gofundme are bad.  In fact, many are worthwhile causes from individuals who really do need help for legitimate purposes.   However, more and more there are just plain greedy people running campaigns for things they should be saving on their own.

Look at this list:


The first thing that pops into my head is why doesn’t any “NEED” a wedding.  It’s not life threatening.  It’s not something that you are required to do.  So I delved deeper to find out why people are posting these campaigns and some had truly good reasons, but then I saw one where they wanted others to pay for the costs of their photographer.  Or another where they wanted others to pay for the reception.  And my favorites of them all, they want others to pay for their honeymoons.

Hey I can understand you want that special day and need cash to pay for it.  I really do.   But this is something you have to save your money for and create a budget that is within your means.  Or have your family help out, you know, the traditional way.

Why should the world pay for your wedding?   Why is it so important that you need funding from the general public?  Your not that special princess.

I saw another one for a couple who wanted a down payment on their first home.   Are you kidding me?   GET A JOB!  I yelled at the screen.  Save your money and be responsible.   What has this world come to?

Then the one that positively infuriated me to the point I had to close the window out of fear of throwing my keyboard at my monitor was this one:

Meet Stacy, a student who is deep in debt, who admits that she can’t pay her bills and has creditors calling day and night, and wants to start her career off right.   How does she want to do that?   By begging on GoFundMe for funds to purchase a $2500 camera!


That one got me the most angry.  Why?  I’m a photographer myself.   I work hard, pay my bills, have a mortgage and run my business.    Bills comes first, then comes everything else.    I save for what I want.   Like cameras, trips, lenses, etc.    And here is this girl who is begging for money to buy a new camera.    What’s worse though, is that people are giving her the money.   Oh yes.   She is almost to her goal and I have a bad feeling she will get it.    The tragedy is not only she feels entitled enough to beg for money online but that people are actually giving her the money.

If your a student you go into university or college with student loans.  That means you have debt, that means you have to pay that debt back.    That means GET A FUCKING JOB and pay your bills FIRST.    Just because your going to university for a career that you want, doesn’t mean you will get a big pay cheque at the end and your debt magically goes away.   MOST students know this and get jobs and pay their loans as they go.  Heck, some students get two jobs.   It’s called responsibility and being responsible.   Begging like this girl is doing is the height of greed.  And it’s downright wrong that they’re being rewarded for it and worse, that people are stupid enough to give money to them.

Now like I stated at the beginning, there are legitmate needs for this.  Medical expenses that are not covered by insurance, raising funds for an invention, medical bills for a beloved pet that goes beyond your means.   I’m not saying there isn’t, but when they are being done for weddings, trips or those pricey merchandise items you want, then that crosses that line.    And the people who donate to them have no right at all to put down people on welfare or any social programs that help people who are in real need.

3 thoughts on “GoFundMe Pages – Digital Begging, because it’s easier than work.

  1. “Easier” – you say this when people have NO JOBS and no prospects?!?! Some of us out here are trying to get funded for more education for the ONLY jobs we can find that don’t check credit or require previous work experience, and yes that’s about getting RE-EMPLOYABLE again. What’s “easy” about sitting around for what amounts to years, getting discouraged and wondering where you went wrong in life with your Bachelor’s from MIT, Master’s from Yale, law degree, and Math teaching license – and wondering why you’re still alive at all? This sounds like you think people trying to get re-educated and employable are “taking the easy way out” – the easy way out of what, unemployability and homelessness???


    1. You obviously missed the point. The post was about the people who COULD work or have jobs that could easily pay for things but instead choose to use gofundme to beg for money for things like cameras and weddings. Not for things like life saving procedures or to help raise funds for medical biils, to help someone who’s home burnt down etc. I was talking about the kind of people who want 2 destination weddings, and a big lavish honeymoon but can’t afford it because they don’t want to save up for it and set up go fund me accounts to beg money online for it. Or the student (who i wrote about) who are begging for money for a camera because they don’t have a job and admit they can’t pay their own bills but instead of asking for help paying the bills and debt collectors, would rather ask for 2 grand for a shiny new camera.

      Or the one with a little girl whose inherentance from the death of her family amounts to over 2 million, plus the sale of her family home of another million. Who’s wealthy grandparents set up a gofundme to garnish another million plus the money from sales of bracelets and tshirts not a day after the family had been killed, and their granddaughter was orphaned.

      I was writing about the greed that some people are using the crowdfunding for.

      And if you think begging for money asking for an education is also greedy. Get a fucking job and apply for tuitions. There are university grants and loans designed and geared to women solely because of the high demand of women needed in stem fields. Trying to use crowdfunding for personal gain is what’s wrong. Morally.

      A lifesaving procedure, or a helping hand when you have suffered a loss like a house fire and you couldn’t afford insurance or something of that nature is morally right. Asking for money because you can’t get off your self entitled ass to work for it is morally wrong. Your post proved my point entirely.


  2. I agree with you 100%! I have been so sick of seeing “help me pay for my last year of college” campaigns or most recently a girl who is asking for $800 dollars to stay in Portland, OR after college for a deposit and first/last months rent at an apartment. First of all, $800 isn’t going to get you anything in Portland. This shows how disillusioned some of these people are. But second, its just a sad entitled mentality. Like, “I want to stay in Portland so other people should pay for me to be here”. No! YOU work, YOU get a job, YOU make your dreams happen. And sometimes that takes time


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