New Mental Disorder Discovered- IVD

Bipolar Disorder1


I have discussions with people both online and in real life about current affairs, politics, activism, and more.     Many people are passionate about what they are discussing and as such, I really don’t mind when the discussion or debate gets heated.    If both people understand that the discussion or debate is just that, then you can have a heated debate without taking it personally.

However, many people out there are unable to cope with this idea and do take things personally.   And those people tend to be the worst.   Especially some of the commentators on social media sites.   Instead of saying something constructive or conducive to the debate or discussion at hand, they of course, resort to name calling or attacking someone for stating something they have every right to state.     And instead of being civilized they become these lunatics with an axe to grind.

After decades of being active online,  I can spot these people very easily.   They try to come off as some sort of moral authority on their opinion and attack someone by using slurs that sound racist and bigoted.   Then when you confront them they invariably turn their ire on you when you defend yourself or a friend  from them.   When that doesn’t work and their argument falls apart they then try to slander you to try to get you to move away from the topic at hand in hopes that you will defend yourself from their offensive and then finally claim victim status saying you are the aggressor while they are the poor victim.

This happens almost daily online with people.   They think that being offended by something they see online gives them the automatic moral right to attack people, and when they are defended against, they pretend to be victims of abuse online.    There are many people out there who do this.   I see many feminists, SJWs and liberals who do this.

New Disorder….??

This is what I call the Infantile Victim Disorder or IVD.   You get an IVD when you have a warped set of beliefs that cause you to believe there is a mysterious patriarchy made up of old white men out to get you.    Or that you think you are superior to the other person due to their body parts.  And even due to a skin tone that is not considered Caucasian.

Symptoms include,  being “triggered“.  Using the word Problematic,  and telling men they have male privilege or the other variant if you are a person of another color,  having white male privilege.

Other symptoms may include:   Obesity, Poverty, Neon color in hair, getting undressed in public to march against rape, yelling and spitting on men at university, submitting false rape claims, false reports of sexual assault.  Raping men.  Being the aggressor in domestic violence.  Lesbianism.

If you suspect you have IVD, please go see a psychiatrist immediately.     Usually sufferers of IVD also have Bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and project their issues and blame others for problems that don’t exist or are the cause of the sufferer’s own actions.

Measles – Media Hype = Controversy

We’ve been seeing measles outbreaks in the media lately with more and more fury, and more and more people screaming for more laws, and more.   Some of the comments on news articles are really idiotic and many have no clue to what exactly measles is or does.  Many actually believe you will die if you get the measles, which is hardly the case.  Some folks will demand that mandatory vaccinations for everyone, and some call for the arrest of any parent who doesn’t vaccinate their child voluntarily.

What makes this hype scary is the majority believes that measles is deadly.  That it is spread by non vaccinated people, and that a vaccination bestows immunity to the disease.

Here are a few facts the government never mentions in the news but doctors used to tell us 30 plus years ago which is still true today.

– Children under the age of 5 (before school age) should be contracting measles.   Their bodies have a better chance at fighting measles at a young age than when they are older.  As well, by contracting measles when young, it will give them lifetime protection with natural antibodies.

– No one has died from measles in North America since the 1960s. (And it wasn’t due to vaccines)

– Vaccines are not cures.  They are there to boost the immune system but is not meant to replace it.

– Your immune system is better than a vaccine.

– People who have kids that get sick, tend to keep them at home from school.

You’ve most likely heard stories of parents who used to purposely get their child sick with measles and chicken pox.   This is a hundred percent true.   I know this because I was one of those children.  Back when I was a child, parents would hold measles and chicken pox parties to ensure the spread of the illness.   How it worked was a child in the neighborhood would get sick with measles or chicken pox and the neighborhood kids were invited to play with the sick child and their toys.   Cake and pop was served and the sick child didn’t feel so sick having kids to play with for a few hours after being kept at home for days.

I’ve talked to some young parents and told them this and they went bug eyed and couldn’t believe what I said.  One friend even said that was child abuse.

It wasn’t.  It was good parenting.   By exposing children young to illness that they can easily get over as a child but can be deadly as an adult, just makes sense.    By not exposing a child to measles or chicken pox, you are leaving the child at risk as an adult.   Measles and chicken pox can be deadly for an adult.

Yes I know there are children with compromised immune systems.  For this I would say get the vaccine and help them through the illness with good vitamin enriched foods, give them aspirin and other over the counter medications to help them fight off fever and after a short time they will be healthy again with the lifetime antibodies.

I get that parents want to protect their children and keep them safe, I really do, but in the long run you are seriously running the risk of death of your precious baby later in life when they are adults.     (I’ve said this to parents and there is a serious disconnect with them, as if their baby will never grow up to adulthood).

Here is the other thing that even the maker of the MMR2 vaccine states.

“As for any vaccine, vaccination with M-M-R II may not result in protection in 100% of vaccinees”    (Vaccinees = The people who are vaccinated).

This means, it doesn’t work, for everyone.   This line comes from the documentation pdf about the mmr2 vaccine.   It states clearly in the study summary it is 95% effective at creating antibodies, but no where does it state that the antibodies it creates is effective at attacking a virus.  Sorry folks, but this is the trick the vaccine industry uses.   Word play and word magic.

Doctors will tell you, it is perfectly safe and one hundred percent effective.   They are citing the information that they see from television news casts.  They don’t read the ingredients lists, the vaccine inserts, or the studies or documentation that they, as medical professionals have access too.   The ones who actually do, will not push a vaccine on a parent and will actually inform the patient or the parents the risks.

Doctors just don’t have time.   They really don’t, they see patients all day, as well many are part of medical groups that take turns in clinics, hospitals and more.  Their free time is spent relaxing, not looking at medical studies.    So they have to rely on what Health Canada, CDC and the WHO says.

The other part of the controversy that gets me is the parents who believe that their vaccinated child is protected, but at the same time will get angry and call for segregation of children when an outbreak happens.

If the child is immunized and under the parents logic, protected, then why are they freaking out.    The reason is simply that they know their child is not protected but can’t admit to themselves that their child is at risk.      They can’t comprehend that by not getting the illness as a child leaves you vulnerable as an adult or that they are risking others to illness through vaccine shedding or even just contracting the disease naturally.

They blame unvaccinated people but in truth, unvaccinated people are healthier than vaccinated.   They have less compromised immune systems and are able to fight off measles better.

The recent outburst of the woman in Ontario on social media who blamed unvaccinated people for the possibility of her child contracting measles in a doctors office is just a prime example of the hysteria this harmless disease and the media is causing.   They also like to use trigger colors so when you see a specific color you think of the illness.   Ebola is bright green, measles is purple. They even get the newscasters to wear the colors when they do special segments on air about the disease.   Don’t think this is true?   Go do a google search of measles and then look at videos of news footage.   Do you see purple?  Try Ebola.   Do you see green?

This is a Psychological method used to associate colors with something the government/media wants.   By infusing us with images in the media of the color, we will subconsciously associate those colors with the diseases and combined with scaring us, it will cause a negative association with the color.  They do this over and over again through the media outlets and because it is repeated over and over again, our brain sub-consciously records this and makes the neuron connections and associations so we eventually don’t even think anymore, just react.

All they have to do is throw out the color purple and combine it with the words measles outbreak and it will bring a sense of dread to the majority of people who watch television. In return they subconsciously fear and then react due to that fear instead of through conscious thought out reasoning.  And then rush out to get the vaccines.

This is a marketing trick.  It happens all the time with all sorts of products.   McDonald’s is notorious for this.  “Golden Arches”.

Also another thing to consider is what you hear on television.  Even the experts contradict themselves at the CDC, WHO and Health Canada.   They say they need 95% of the people vaccinated to eradicate the illness, but admit that vaccines don’t work on 15% of the population.   That means by the math alone, eradication is impossible to attain.

Please, please, if your reading this and have children with healthy immune systems, then consider allowing them to get measles when they are kids, they will thank you when they are adults.    I know I thanked my mother for allow me to get measles as a child.

Vaccines vs No Vaccines

Let me start off by saying I’m for a healthy society.   I don’t want children to die or get sick, but the fact is I know how the immune system works and how are bodies work.  So the truth is, we need to get sick.

Our bodies are created with an immune system for a reason.  We live in a  world with disease, germs, virus’ and bacteria.   Life started on this planet due to bacteria.

We also know from science that these things can disappear for hundreds even millions of years and then come back in outbreaks.

Right there, mainly due to the mass hysteria brought on by overprotective parents in the United States and Canada, around the recent measles cases in both countries.   What they are calling an outbreak, I would call a few sick kids, by that is besides the point.

Let me talk about measles for a moment.

Measles isn’t that scary.  I have mom’s on my facebook lists who scream and shout that anti vaxxers are child abusers etc.   I find this behavior reactionary, and fear based.  When discussing the issue with them they claim to have “done their research” but when you question or discuss the issue you will find their research consists of getting five minutes worth of info from their doctor, memes from their mommy and me facebook group and an article written in a pop culture magazine.

Here is a tiny bit of history which will give you an idea of what measles was like back in history.

1800s:   During this era the chance of death was approximately 48% for people who contracted measles.
In those years they didn’t have sanitation infrastructure, they went to the bathroom in a pail and dumped it’s contents out onto the street.   You also wiped your buttocks with a rag or your hand.
They would bath at most once a month and at the very least once a year.
Hand-washing was rare, and food cross contamination was an every day occurrence as well as under cooked foods and unwashed vegetables.
People wore the same clothes for months at a time.  In wealthy house holds they would have 4 sets of clothing for each season and would change their clothes per season, not each day.

Due to all of the above, disease would be rampant and many would die.

Fast forward to the invention of sanitation sewer systems and we saw a decline in disease, and illness.  Modern water pipes brought in water into the homes, and allowed people to bathe more frequently, not every day but once a week or so.   Washing our vegetables became routine and washing clothes was done more often.

1960s:  This was the era when vaccines were introduced.   Measles was almost gone at this time.  Less than a percent of the people in the united states had measles less than a percent of a percent of a percent died from it.   We had daily bathes, wore clean clothes everyday, cooked our foods properly and had modern sanitation and sewage infrastructure in all the major cities, small towns.

Now:   We have very tiny outbreaks of measles, in pocket areas.  In all cases, in the past 10 years it was found that an adult who was vaccinated was the patient zero and caused the outbreaks.    Zero infant deaths in the past 10-15 years have happened due to measles.
Most doctors don’t know what is in the measles vaccines.  They couldn’t tell you the individual ingredients, they don’t even read the insert the Pharma companies include in the box.   And the things that insert tells you, should be enough to make you pause and look deeper.  Most don’t.

The CDC has written documents, that say after a vaccine your child is very infectious and should not be around any other children for a period of time.  The Pharma companies put inserts for these vaccines have really strong warnings.   Here is the MMR2 vaccine insert (

This says right on the warning that anyone who is allergic to eggs, has any fever based illness,  Under the adverse reactions on page six, it gets interesting where it states you can get “Diabetes”   ( )

Some other “adverse effects are:”

Anaphylaxis – Severe allergic reaction which can cause death.  (

Arthritis; arthralgia; myalgia – Severe Joint, and muscle pain.   Less so with children and as the age of the person increases so does the chances of acquiring it along with the pain levels increasing.  and

Encephalitis – Brain swelling which can cause seizures, febrile convulsions, afebrile
convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia

At this point you should be getting a picture of what dangers lie within the vaccine itself.

There is much more in there.  Read for yourself.  Use google to figure out some of the reactions and you will find what is listed as reactions are not reactions but illness and even death.  Some are lifetime illness’.  And that is right on the insert that comes with the measles vaccine.   That should scare anyone.  It does me.  And yet many parents would rather risk their child’s health on these “adverse reactions” than a 1-1000-3000 chance of death (which hasn’t happened in decades).

In other words, fear.   Fear of death,,  That looming word, brings images of a small coffin and no one wants that.  Instead they inject their baby with a toxin that can cause all sorts of “adverse effects” that will last a lifetime.   And then they scratch their heads and wonder what happened and blame un-vaccinated children or parents of said children.

Now I have to ask anyone out there, is it really worth is to risk a child health like this knowing this information?

Here is what it boils down to:

No Vaccine:  Child gets sick for a week or so, has rash and fever.   Recovers and has a lifetime of antibodies and in women can pass those down to her children for the first 15 months of their lives.

Vaccine:  Adverse side effects, chance of lifetime illness’, like diabetes, muscle issues, autoimmune issues etc, seizures.   For a period of maximum 10 years cloned antibodies that are not guaranteed to stop the disease and can be shed from the body and be highly contagious if the vaccine is a live virus vaccine.

To me the answer is clear.  Not to get or give the vaccine to anyone.

The other point I would like to touch on, is about freedom.  I believe if we are truly free then we have the freedom to say no to our government.  That should be a huge concern for everyone.    This is why we have the judicial system were we have a jury of our peers to decide to remove those freedoms if a crime has been committed.  Personal freedoms or individual freedoms for myself is untouchable.   A government does not decide what my rights are.   They can’t.  A right is inherent.  A privileged is given.  A right can only be violated.  A privileged can only be taken away.

Forcing a medical procedure against my will or consent is tantamount to assault, rape and an attack on myself or my family.  No one has the right to choose for me or my family.  None.  If you don’t have that choice then you are not free.   If your government, mandates that vaccines are mandatory, then I think everyone should take up arms and start a rebellion.   A vaccine for me is the same as trying to inject HIV directly into my body.   And I will never agree to that.     You can choose to get these vaccines, I will even defend that right, but don’t ever try to take away my right to choose.

Medical Offices Policies in Canada

I decided to write about my experience that is currently ongoing with my specialist.    My reason is the policies for cancellation of appointments, long wait times, bad medical advice or just plain making something up to get you out of the office.

A little back history:

All my life I’ve been pretty healthy, I had a knee injury in my 20s and had my tonsils out when I was 20.   Other than that, I was healthy.   I went for regular check ups with my doctor and that was that.    Then in 2009 things started to change.   I noticed my eye sight was getting bad and I was getting pain behind my left eye.   I went to the eye doctor who, informed me these were signs of a brain tumor and sent me to my family doctor to run a battery of tests.    After three months of searching for the cause, my doctor ran a simple blood test and found out that I have, Graves Disease.   Most likely it went un-diagnosed for over 25 years or so.   So, for the next year, I was sent to an endocrinologist for diagnoses and treatment.   She prescribed all sorts of medications to try to get  the thyroid under control (Hyperactive thyroid), and the side effects of those drugs sent me into an emotional roller coaster of hell.

After a few months of this, I went to my Endo, and asked when would I start getting to normal.  She told me it would take over two years to get the thyroid under control with drugs.  This to me was unacceptable.  I was newly married and didn’t feel it fair to my spouse or that my new marriage could handle that kind of strain.   So she suggested what they call RAI, which is a radiated pill and it kills the thyroid and you go on a hormone pill for the rest of your life.

Now that doesn’t sound bad on its face.  However, after doing my research and finding out that this pill is served to you by someone in a lead lined radiation suit, in a lead cup and that afterwards if you vomit, they have to call a hazmat team to clean up the mess.  Well, that made me uninterested in that treatment.    So I asked my endo what other options.   She said surgery.   I said no problem, and I underwent surgery and had my thyroid removed.

Here it is approximately 4 years later, and I’m on my second Endo and here is what recently happened:

With an Endocrinologists, they are considered specialists.   With these doctors, when they schedule your appointment they book them anywhere from 3 months to a year in advance.  And like most doctors in Ontario, Canada, they have a policy that if you don’t give 48 hours notice to cancel or change your appointment, you will be charged a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00).

I understand this policy and agree with it to a point.   After all there are exceptions to rules and one of those is a contagious illness.    I contracted pink eye the day of my previous appointment date last month.   I woke up with my eye swollen and oozing juices like a tap.  I didn’t want to infect anyone else, so I called my doctor’s office to inform them and reschedule.  Not cancel.   The receptionist was very apologetic and understood but insisted the doctor would charge me the cancellation fee anyway.  I didn’t like it but I agreed.  Since i was cancelling the appointment without 48 hours notice.   So I was rescheduled for yesterday.   (Feb 2nd, 2015).

Now, here is where it get’s interesting.   I live in Southern Ontario and we got hit with a snowstorm the night before.   30 cm of snow got dropped on us and the southern Ontario people seemed to think this was a huge thing.  (I grew up more north, so to me this is normal winter weather).

Schools, government offices, banks and many business’s closed for the day.    I didn’t get any call from my Doctor informing me my appointment was cancelled so I assumed it was still on.   Did I mention my husband had previously booked the day off so he could drive me to and from the appointment as well?

So off we went to the appointment.  We arrived at the medical building 20 minutes before my appointment time.  Paid for an hour and a half of parking and went in.  And when we got to the doctor’s office, it was locked.   No one came in.

This is where I have the issue.   We as patients are expected to call them when we cancel the appointments.  We are expected to give 48 hours notice as well otherwise they charge a fee.  Yet, the same courtesy is not applied to us as patients.   I’m a photographer by trade, and I consider my time just as valuable.  I know how to write a proper business letter, and how to create an invoice.   I thought about it and discussed it with my husband and decided to bill the doctor for my inconvenience.  After all, they didn’t give me 48 hours cancellation notice, and they didn’t call me to cancel at all.   As well, today I received a phone message advising me I had two choices, to call and reschedule or to find another Specialist on my own since mine is retiring in April.

I wrote up the letter today and below is the body (I took out names to protect privacy),

Dear Doctor Endo

You did not show up for the appointment which was scheduled for Monday February 2nd, 2015, at 2:00 pm.

Regretfully, I must charge a cancellation fee of $50.00 (Fifty Dollars CAD). plus a $6.00 (Six Dollar CAD) for parking, as well as an Administration fee of $20.00 (Twenty Dollars CAD).

Also, as per the phone message we received on Tuesday February 3rd, 2014, There will be an additional $100.00 (One Hundred Dollars CAD), finders fee to find another Endocrinologist due to your retirement.

However, if you wish to refer me to another Endocrinologist in the area, then that fee can be waived.

Kindly contact me if you wish to reschedule the missed appointment.

Now for my reasons.    First, they expect us patients to call them and to give them at least 48 hours to cancel an appointment.  If you call to reschedule, they consider that a cancellation and will bill me $50.00.

I have no issues with this, but the street goes both ways.  I did not receive a phone call informing me my appointment was cancelled, so as a business man I feel I can charge them back for the missed time.   After all time is money.  And in my case, I charge a fee of $100 for an hour portrait session, I had to pay for parking, and my husband had to miss a days pay to drive me.

On top of this, I only got this Endo last summer.   Less than a year and he is retiring and I have to go through the hassle of finding a new one myself, instead of him referring me to another Endo.

So, here is how it breaks down:

$50.00 Cancellation Fee

$6.00 Parking

$20.00 Admin Fee.

$100.00 Finders Fee (Waived if they refer me to a new Specialist).

Total $176.00

Doctors in Ontario have the ability to retire without giving any notice to their patients.  None.  My mother who has severe spinal arthritis had her specialist retire on her and they didn’t even bother to send her a letter.  She showed for her appointment and found a new doctor in that office that informed her the previous doctor had retired 3 months before.

It’s time we start billing back for our time on these bad billing practices and treatment by doctors in Canada.   If more Canadians started to bill back for Cancelled appointments, long wait times, then maybe, just maybe doctors would change their policies to reflect a fairer and compassionate practice.

The current billing policies create distrust, anger, and resentment.   Billing for small things like a note scribbled on a piece of paper for your employer costs $20.00 in some offices.  It’s getting out of hand and I am fighting back.

So I wrote up the letter and the invoice today and then after I called my Endo’s office, and as soon as the receptionist answered, she put me on hold.  Then a few minutes of waiting she came back and I informed her who it was, she happily offered to reschedule my appointment, or I had the choice of going to another Endocrinologist.

So, I proceeded to inform her that because the doctor was billing me for rescheduling my previous appointment, and that I had received no such call from them to cancel the one that they missed, that I would be sending them a bill for the cancellation of the appointment.  At first the receptionist thought I was joking, but as I listed my reasons, her tone became angry.  ( After all, how dare I, a mere patient bill for my time.)    I calmly explained that my time is just as important and as a courtesy at least, if my doctor cancels my appointment, for any reason I expect a phone call.   I didn’t receive one and told her that because I did not get that call, I assumed that the appointment was on.   I told her I even checked the newspaper for the cancellation as well since many business’s will post their closures due to weather there.

She became livid and started shouting, saying “what did you expect me to do, I was snowed in my home” etc.   My response was, that is not my problem what you do.  The doctor expects me to call him to cancel my appointment if I have to cancel, he didn’t do me the same courtesy and so I braved the weather and made it for my appointment.    I told her, that maybe should could pass on to him that he should call his patients as a courtesy if he cancels their appointments, and then stated I would be sending the bill out within the next few days.

(Many companies will try to come up with excuses that have nothing to do with their customer.  For example I ordered something for Christmas and when I ordered it, it was in stock and it didn’t ship.  After calling the company about the order they informed me that the warehouse was out of stock on the product.  This isn’t a problem for the customer, nor is it one that solves the problem, so I told them that was their problem, and not mine, and that I wanted the product.  And I was right.  The same goes with the doctors office.   I don’t care that they were snowed in.  That isn’t my problem, it’s theirs.  If I used that excuse they would still charge me the fee. )

I will post a follow up on the saga as it continues…