An update- Why I haven’t been Writing more over the last year.

I have not been writing much over the past year.   To those who follow me, I apologize.    The reason I haven’t been posting, is because I have been going through some medical issues.

So here is what has been happening.

Early last year I started getting migraines.   These particular migraines would not go away.   The first time it happened I went to my doctor after 3 days of blinding pain.    She examined me and immediately sent me to the hospital emergency room, without telling me why she became alarmed.

This was the beginning of my journey of tests and exams, and scans and blood work etc, etc, and etc.     Then in September, I had my yearly visit with my endocrinologist, he looked at my previous years worth of medical information when he noticed something on the MRI the hospital had done.    My frontal lobe, had degenerated a little.     He told me this could be something called Fronto- Temporal Dementia (FTD).  Formally known as Pick’s Disease.   A particularly scary form of dementia.    So we brought this concern to my family doctor who immediately sent me to a neurologist.   This neurologist had me run another battery of scans and tests and after conferring with other doctors who were in the same field,  thought it might be hydro-encephalitis (pardon my spelling on the medical names).     So they had me run a new type of scan I hadn’t done before, a Spectvid.   This is like a petscan.    So after the Spectvid they found I didn’t have hydro-E.   And the neurologist also ruled out FTD.    However this was when I got the bad news.

The neurologist had warned me that the scan might something else that they weren’t expecting.   And that is  exactly what happened.     He told me they found signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.   And since I’m relatively young to get that, It is considered Early-Onset Alzheiner’s Disease.     So now I have to wait until November, to run a fresh set of scans and blood-work to see the rate of progression.

Not to put it mildly, but I’m terrified.   I was not expecting to have something like this.   People with Early Onset version of this dementia don’t live long.   Anywhere from 2 years to 12 years after diagnosis and they lose everything that made them, well, the people they were.    That terrifies me more than dying.

I’ve already noticed over the past couple of years changes in myself that I couldn’t explain before.   I lost interest in photography.  I stopped DJ’ing as I found I couldn’t concentrate well enough to remix music.      I’m currently painting.  To help me with stress.

So because of all this, is why, I haven’t written much.    I hope to in the future, and I will try to, but as time progresses, the chances of me being able to continue to do so will be reduced until I won’t be able to .

Thanks for following me and I hope you will continue to do so as long I am writing.

2 thoughts on “An update- Why I haven’t been Writing more over the last year.

  1. Good luck. Not sure if you are in America, but if so dont be afraid to do your own research and possibly look at treatments that are ‘outside the box’. American medicine is garbage. Doctors have screwed me over royally. Ive had issues (unrelated to yours) and I only received any help based on my own research and finding my own treatments. Thousands of dollars spent and the baboons failed to help me.
    I dont know what treatments – if any – slow the progress of your disease but I would still recommend doing your own research rather than relying 100% on doctors.


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