Gender Fluid theory is Garbage.


To many people, they believe that gender fluid means that you can change your gender, like you can change your underwear.  The reality (truth) is that you can’t.    Gender is the description word we use to describe the sex of a person via pronouns.   “He” is the gender pronoun for a male.  “She” is the gender pronoun for a female.

The gender fluid idea not only dictates that you change your gender like you change your underwear, but that there must be a new gender pronouns created to describe these people.

Gender neutral pronouns have been created so people won’t offend their special snowflake friends.

Here is an example of made up, and in some cases unpronounceable pronouns:

Gender Pronouns.png

More of the garbage can be found here:

The problem with all this is simply the fact that people actually think, that changing your gender is the simply act of a way of thought or clothing.     The act of putting on a dress for a guy or bandaging up the breasts for a woman and putting on the opposite gender’s clothing means that they are the opposite sex.    It is not.   This is typically known as cross-dressing.

I’ve heard the idea from the idiots who believe this nonsense that gender is based on your personality, and not your anatomy.    This is also untrue, since your anatomy dictates if your male or female.  Hence, why people say “Penis = Male” and “Vagina = Female”.

There are mentally ill people who think they are puppy dogs to and want to live out their lives as dogs or even other animals or even mythical creatures.

That brings me to trans-gendered people.   These people fall into the same category as the above.

These people suffer from a mental illness called “Gender Dysphoria”

These are people who are unhappy with their biological sex and believe they are the opposite sex.   That somehow, the doctor when they were born, didn’t recognize the proper gender and “assigned” them the wrong one.

Decades ago this was treated, successfully I might add, as a mental illness.  The treatment used to entail regular visits to a psychiatrist and medication.   It was believed that people who suffered from this illness had a chemical imbalance.    Then came the gay rights movement and feminism.      They cited that it was NOT a mental illness that gender is a social construct.    They convinced enough people, to re-examine the idea of the treatments, saying they are more harmful than helpful because it ignores the person’s feelings.     Remember folks, feeling over fact and science is precedence with these people.

Then doctors created the mutilation surgeries that are still to this day, really bad.  They allow people to voluntarily mutilate their bodies via cosmetic surgery in an effort to look like the opposite sex, while not being able to be biologically the opposite sex.

Let me explain.

You cannot change your DNA.   You cannot change your muscle structure.  You cannot change your skeletal structure.      So your body regardless of the surgery will still show up as your sex that you were born as.       This makes all those transgender surgeries under the category of cosmetic.

The worse part of it is that they are chopping off working body parts, and sewing on body parts that do not work as intended.   For example, a male undergoing a male to female surgery, will not have a working uterus, and no eggs.    So after the surgery she cannot bear children.    A female to male is worse.   In many cases the female decides to KEEP her uterus and have a penis sewn on.  Only the penis cannot produce sperm and needs a rod or a pump installed to inflate it to be able to have sex.   So technically it doesn’t work as functioning male either.   In many of the cases of the women who go through those surgeries and keep their uterus, they decide at some point to have a baby.

Transgender means that you are transitioning from one gender to another.  It doesn’t mean you can stay in that middle state and call yourself a man if you have a uterus.
Then the argument comes in that “Oh but the surgeries are expensive”.    Yes, well cosmetic surgeries usually are, because they do not add any value to health.  And are why they call them cosmetic.

And these people still are not happy after they go through with the surgeries.   In fact many regret doing it.  So much that they commit suicide in the same high numbers as they do before the surgeries.

When you fight your own biology, you will lose.  You can’t change your gender.  It is scientifically an impossibility.    Feminist theory professors have an agenda.  Indoctrination into the cult of feminism.  They need to convince young minds that their theories are facts and due to the borg collective mentally of feminism,  many just believe this without question.

Don’t fall for the idea that Gender is fluid on anyone’s say so.  Challenge it.  Question it.   Dissect it.

10 thoughts on “Gender Fluid theory is Garbage.

  1. I’m not sure if you realize it but you are directly saying that the way someone thinks has no say in the matter, meaning that being gay is a mental disorder, since it doesn’t follow biological guidelines. Now let me say, I’m not gay, or bisexual, or genderfluid or any of the nontraditional sexual lifestyles, however I do support everyone’s right to be as they are, short of causing physical harm to another. So while those that are genderfluid, or gender neutral, or whatever label they put on trying to make sense of their own feelings may have been biologically born male or female and that that biology will never change in a definite way, something that very few to my knowledge will deny, that has little to nothing to do with the feelings they have about themselves or their feelings towards those around them. To those people “gender” is not nessicarily a biological description.

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    1. Gender is based on your biology, not your feelings. Being gay is not the same because it can be proven to exist naturally in nature with other animals. Gender fluidity theory has no basis in science. It is based on “feelings”. People can “feel” this way or that way about any particular topic or area, but generally, their feelings are wrong. Gender is based on the biology of a person. A male for example has more muscle mass, stronger skeletal structure, different hormones. A male is still a male even if they “Feel” like a woman. There is no getting around that fact. Science trumps feelings.


  2. I have always thought about gender fluidity, transexuality, or any non binary gender expression as a way of thought. If we are going to talk about science, then this fits in the tree falling in a forest idea. The question is if it makes a sound if no one is there and the idea is that it doesn’t exsist if no one is there to perceive it. In this case, the fact that these words exsist make them reality.

    Tying back to science, science is ever changing which is it what makes it different to religion. What was true 100 years ago is proven wrong now. Science is an acknowledgment that there are things that are not yet explained and questions that are not yet answered. Feelings, thoughts, reality (such as trees falling in forests), and human perception are just a few mysteries. The fact is that people have no idea what the person next to them is thinking or what they are feeling and there is no science yet to interpret that exactly, so words pertaining to gender is a place holder to mark that something is there that cannot yet be explained today. In science, this is with the theory that something exsists if you perceive it exsists, therefore to people who think that way about gender, their feelings are reality.

    Btw, clownfish change gender when there is no opposite in a school of them.

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    1. The science hasn’t changed on gender. Gender is based in Biology. Not on your perceptions, but actual visible and proven science. Penis = Boy, Vagina = Girl. Social Sciences do not follow any scientific guidelines but are based on picking and choosing what data you want to use and removing the data that doesn’t fit your theories. That isn’t real science.

      BTW: We are human beings, not clownfish. We are a dimorphic species. 2 genders. Has been that way from the dawn of time. Nice try though.


  3. Yes, this is perfect, god-fucking damnit.
    I can’t stand people thinking that there are 1234567 genders out there.
    Chromosomes and biology, goddamn it.


    1. Hi, Sweety,
      I would like to point to point out that from just looking at chromosomes and biology, genders are not binary as you can have the basics XX chromosomes for a female and XY for a male, but they are also XXY, XXX, XYX, etc. Those chromosomes patterns are not so unsual nor are they a problem but they sometimes influence the gender and sex of a person and sometimes they don’t! Chromosomes like those can have zero effects on a person. Also, just to use biology to say that genders are binary do not work too as there are intersexes and hermaphrodites. I’d like to hear more of your opinion, although you may want to do a bit of research before insulting people considering themselves outside of the “normal” male and female genders or else you are only arguing about something you do not understand which is pathetic. (Maybe this? The author is a professional and it explains well…

      Sorry for the rant, I just want to point out those details to you to help understand other aspects of the subject. I do not mean to insult or discredit your opinion, I just want to start a discussion with you to try and understand how you think. Thanks for reading me and have a wherever you are 🙂

      – Laury.


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