Why Men cannot be a Feminist

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The feminist movement is not for men.   It has been, and always be a platform for women to elevate themselves higher than men.    The fact that these women who claim to be feminists cannot see this, could be considered a psychological blind spot.    Men who support them blindly usually label themselves as feminists as well.    I’ve seen many articles by feminists who laugh or agree that men cannot be feminists.    Many think it’s great they have support from many of the male gender but don’t see them as feminists.

They just can’t be.   Feminism is for equal rights for women.  Always has been.  Modern day feminism has twisted the deifnition to make it sound like it is for equality for all.   This is a lie.   You cannot have equality for all when you elevate a group above another group.   This is also called gender bias or discrimination based on gender.

A person who truly wants equality for all is called an Egalitarian.  Not a feminist.    And a true feminist will tell you that feminism is about women have full rights and accepting responsibility for their actions that come along with it.    Even modern day feminists will parrot that line, but many don’t recognize when they are not taking responsibility.

Some cases where women don’t take responsibility.

1.   Rape.    They do not, and will not accept that there is any responsibility on the part of the woman who is a victim of rape.  We hear constantly and consistently that it shouldn’t matter what she is wearing when she is raped or how much she had to drink, or if she went with the guy willingly.    All the questions that are associated with a police investigation are seen as attacks on a victim by the police.   They expect people, and the law to blindly take their word for it.    Then we have to look at what they consider rape.   In their eyes, if a male and a female are both drunk and has sex, then the woman has been raped because she was drunk and is not capable of consent.  Yet the man, who is drunk as well is responsible regardless of the fact he was drunk as well.

This kind of idiocy, brings to the forefront of women not wanting to take responsibility for their own actions.   These feminists actually think this is logical.    Rape is not all that common as they would have you believe.  Many men are currently in jail for false accusations made and the misconceptions that the law assumes as rape.

Rape of Men by women.    Feminists will ignore this, laugh that this exists or sympathize but say it is a male problem.    This is a real thing and has a name.  Sperm Jacking.    Extreme cases of this, happen when a woman drugs a man comatose and then performs oral sex, masturbates or has vaginal intercourse with the man while unconscious to get his sperm so she can get pregnant.

This is not considered rape under the law.   Even when the guy wakes and says “No, get off me”.   There is no consent and women get away with this.    And, not only that, but they then go after the man for support for any children they conceive.   The government will also pay them.

So not only is the legalized rape of men, but it is sanctioned by the government via cash incentives and ignored by law.

2.  Genital Mutilation.   It is illegal for women to be circumcised without  their consent and has been for decades.   However, it is perfectly legal for the practice to happen on newborn baby boys.  Without any anesthesia or only a local, on the pretext of possible medical conditions that may or may not happen after the child becomes sexually active.   And in many cases, for aesthetic reasons.   Many feminists see nothing wrong with the practice and the ones who marry men, have said in studies they prefer a cut penis vs an uncut one.    For this reason alone, many feminist mothers look at this as something good.

3.  Male support groups.   If the feminists out there are really for equality, they wouldn’t fight so hard against male groups that form to discuss male issues.   Instead they gather to protest and even go as far as to call them hate groups against women, when in fact they are not.   They simply feel threatened because these groups, (much like myself), ask questions of the feminist movement and analyze their stats and studies that make their outrageous claims and question the ideals.    Any democratic, civilized society allows this, and welcomes it.   Ideas should be questioned and tested.   If an idea is sound or a theory has any basis in fact, then it should hold up to scrutiny.   Feminists ideas don’t do that.   So far none of them have.

4. CIS Gender Myth-   Many males are identifying themselves as CIS gender.    Yet, I have yet to hear or see any feminist say they are CIS.   They won’t because they consider themselves women.   Not gender assigned at birth.   The whole concept goes against our entire evolution, science, biology and the differences in chemicals within each genders bodies.      They now have men prattling on how they are CIS gender.   Instead of saying I’m a man.  They will want you to say “I’m a CIS”.   This is an attempt to remove your masculine identity, and to make you more pliable to their demands.   Just don’t question them on it.

These are just four simple reasons why you can’t be a feminist if your male.   They don’t want you to be, they see you as less than them.   They don’t care for your rights, only their own, but they want you to pay for their mistakes.

That isn’t equal rights or fair treatment by any standard.   That is male bashing at it’s finest.   So to all the self proclaimed male feminists, remember it’s okay to cry, because they all like to drink male tears.

11 thoughts on “Why Men cannot be a Feminist

    1. While I get our statement, the word is Egalitarian. Not Feminism. Feminism has always been for “Equality for everyone through equal rights for women”. Egalitarian is “Equal Rights for everyone”.
      Thanks for reading.

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      1. I know but doesn’t equal right to women mean that they are given all the rights that men have which automatically means equal right to all… Feminism screams equality to everyone through equal rights to women but is actually all about women superiority….
        And thanks for reminding.

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      2. No actually it doesn’t. It assumes women have less rights and should be elevated.
        What modern day feminism teaches is that women suffered and had no rights way back in the old days. When in reality, men and women were still pretty much treated equally.

        Let’s take the right to vote. The right to vote was based on land ownership. So typically only those who could buy land could vote. Those who couldn’t afford land like the poor, didn’t have the right to vote. That includes both genders. The middle class and higher in both genders could vote. As the demand for voting and better treatment happened, land ownership was made easier by parceling smaller pieces of land. To what you see today in big cities.

        Then marriage. A woman wasn’t handed over to random strangers. She chose her husband through courtship etc. She had the choice to break off the courtship at anytime. Even at the ceremony.
        Divorce wasn’t called divorced back in days before the state got into the marriage business. It was considered to be the sole charge of the church to issue marriage. And so when a couple wanted to dissolve the marriage contract, they had to apply for an annulment to the church. And based on the churches rules, they would either get the annulment or not. Which made getting a divorce harder and marriage was taken more seriously than it is today.

        Women did have almost equal rights through the past centuries. There were some discrepancies, but in general, they weren’t treated the way the feminists would have us believe.

        Back in the 70’s, there was a feminist who believed that men should be eradicated. She wrote a book called “SCUM MANIFESTO” . This was a manifesto outlining how women can take over the world and called for the elimination of 90% of the male population. This book is taught in gender studies courses and is revered by many feminists. The author was the same person who shot Andy Worhol. Feminists will ignore the fact she was a murderer and a lunatic, and praise her work as something feminists should strive for.

        So really the feminists that shout they are for equal rights for all, really are confusing egalitarianism with feminism.


  1. Hello, feminist here.
    Sorry to inform you that what you’re looking at is called misandry. Misandry is the belief that women are better than men, and is the exact opposite of misogyny, which is what we have now.
    I’m so tired of misandrists hiding behind the feminist label and getting heard more than the ones that preach literal equality, not female superiority. It’s like homophobes and racists that say they’re just Christians. They ruin it for the rest of us.

    I’m sorry that all that you’ve seen of the movement is abuse towards men. That’s all that the media wants to publicize – if a girl calls herself a feminist and does one thing against men, suddenly articles like this are what we get. I’m so tired of seeing articles like this again and again, saying that feminism is bad, that men can’t be feminists. The funny thing is, all the reasons that are listed here are all reasons that men can, in fact, be feminists and need feminism. Male rape and sperm jacking DO happen but there are not a lot of men that want to speak out about it and change it because it means that they have become a victim. Men are “supposed” to be stronger than women, and it’s embarrassing to them if a woman is stronger. It “emasculates” them. (Emasculation in itself is a ridiculous concept, by the way.)

    Your comment on cisgenders is slightly transphobic. There are genders assigned at birth. I was assigned “girl” at birth because I have a vagina, and I still am a girl and do not want to be anything else. This means I am cisgender. We use that term because there are so many other genders: agender, bigender, trigender, genderfluid, genderqueer, non binary, etc – but mainly it’s to differentiate between people who identify as the gender they were assigned as birth and transgender people, who do not identify with their assigned gender. The way you are using this term is completely incorrect. If we used it as a term by itself then we would also use trans as a term by itself. Nobody says “I’m a cis,” just like nobody says “I’m a trans.” That’s because both of them are gender descriptors, not genders themselves. I’m not sure how using this term is supposed to make men “weaker”, that was very unclear.

    As a feminist, it’s very comforting to get support from male feminists – specifically white, heterosexual, male feminists. The average cisgender, white, straight male tends to express his fragile sense of masculinity through violent homophobia and misogyny in order to assert their dominance over women. In comparison to experiencing this every day, male feminists are a huge and refreshing change.

    The article itself is rather chaotic. I noticed a huge discrepancy right away. At one point you said: “Feminism is for equal rights for women. Always has been.” Which is funny, because to begin the article you said: “The feminist movement is not for men. It has been, and always be a platform for women to elevate themselves higher than men.” Those two things are very clearly not the same, yet somehow your logic says they are? What exactly makes you think that “equal” means “higher than”? Sounds like you’re describing the present-day patriarchy. Oops.

    Your section on rape was downright awful. I quote: “We hear constantly and consistently that it shouldn’t matter what she is wearing when she is raped or how much she had to drink, or if she went with the guy willingly. All the questions that are associated with a police investigation are seen as attacks on a victim by the police. ” My question for you is: Have you ever been questioned by police after reporting a rape? Because it’s all victim-blaming, like you just did. It’s all based on what she was wearing, how much she had to drink, and “Are you sure you didn’t want to?” There are also a lot of questions based on previous relationships, consent to previous acts, etc. What we are missing here are the problems of these questions. They are all focused on the woman, as if she did something wrong by being drunk and wearing a mini-skirt. This section also assumes that most accusations of rape are false, especially if it involves alcohol, which is a blatant lie. Most accusations of rape are, in fact, true. (http://web.stanford.edu/group/maan/cgi-bin/?page_id=297) I also find it funny that, in your writing, there is a statement of male superiority and a complete disregard of the definition of rape. Here we have this golden piece: “In their eyes, if a male and a female are both drunk and has sex, then the woman has been raped because she was drunk and is not capable of consent. Yet the man, who is drunk as well is responsible regardless of the fact he was drunk as well.” Really? So alcohol condemns a woman’s actions but excuses a man’s? A violent attack on a woman is HER fault but it was okay for the man because he was drunk? WHAT a headscratcher.
    “We hear constantly and consistently that it shouldn’t matter what she is wearing when she is raped or how much she had to drink, or if she went with the guy willingly. ” Actually, if she “went with the guy willingly”, assuming that means willingly having sex and not going somewhere else with a guy, then it wasn’t rape. Consent = not rape. No consent = rape. It’s as simple as that.
    Have you EVER looked at rape statistics? Because they are incredibly high, regardless of gender. If we look at gender, female rape statistics are higher than male rape statistics, simply because men in a patriarchal society are raised to think that they are better than women and can do whatever they want to them. Men in power are particularly guilty of this. (John Lennon is one great example of many.) There is nothing that screams “MALE SUPERIORITY!” more than the downplay of rape and violence against women and then pointing out that it happens to men too.
    Yes, we know it happens to men, and it’s a huge problem. The American masses see rape and domestic violence against men as comical. Why? Because again, men are “supposed” to be superior to women. That’s why it often goes unnoticed – men are afraid to speak out about it because it means that they are a victim to something, like women.
    This is why men can be and NEED to be feminists. All of these problems you pointed out are results of generations of men seeing women beneath them. They are all fixable through feminism: equality of the sexes through advocacy of women’s rights. If women are equal to men, suddenly all of this goes away and men would be protected from “sperm jacking” and would not be afraid to speak out against rape.

    Your friendly neighborhood feminist, signing off.


    1. I think you are under the preconceptions that most feminists are under. Oh and thanks for reading.

      I did write a response back detailing how you missed my point and explaining how the points you made were absolutely false, but I realized after reading the entire comment from you that your a fucking moron, and don’t have the brain capacity to understand, so I decided not to waste my time trying to educate you on reality vs fantasy of feminist.

      I know speaking your mind like this was empowering for you, and you most likely think that you helped women in some way, but you really haven’t. You proved my points quite nicely in your diatribe. No do everyone a huge favor princess, go make us men some sandwiches and leave the thinking to smart people.


      1. Actually if you followed the thread I did answer, but like every feminist out there, my male opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a bastard shit lord. Thanks for reading!


      2. “Men are “supposed” to be stronger than women, and it’s embarrassing to them if a woman is stronger.”
        ?? How does a woman finding a man asleep, either waiting for a nocturnal erection or stimulating one, climbing on top of him and skewering herself on him until his genitals ejaculate constitute a woman being stronger than he?


  2. Another two cents on the ‘rape of men’ sub-category: The last 2 CDC sexual violence surveys (2010 & 2011 U.S.) showed the 12 month prevalence of men being ‘made to penetrate’ at near parity with the 12 month prevalence of female victims of rape, AND the lifetime prevalence of men ‘made to penetrate’ reporting nearly 80% female perpetrators. The numbers we have just do not support the feminist narrative.

    Anyways, good read.


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