World of Lies and Misinformation – First Blog

I decided to start my word press blog with my view on the world.    The reason I do this is to set the theme of the blog and to help people understand my world.   The following is how I got here.

Years ago, I used to be proud of my country.   I would celebrate on it’s birthday, go to parades, salute our soldiers and feel pride.   I would be the first to shout the propaganda that everyone else shouts out about their country.  “It’s the greatest country on the planet!” or “We are in a free country!”  I’d say.    Unfortunately now,  I know these are lies.  Lies stemming from misconceptions about the world we live in.

Have you ever watched the news and seen a politician make a speech and think to yourself, “something is off”?   Have you ever read a newspaper and thought, “no that information is wrong.”?

You were right.  Deep down inside there was something wrong.  The information in today’s media is at best uninformed, at worst, an outright lie.

I didn’t come to full realization however, until began my studies in contract law.  I run a business, and thought it prudent to learn about contracts and what makes a legal contract and what doesn’t etc.  This was so I could write up a contract between myself and my clients that would be fair and protect both parties.   After learning basic contract law, I saw something.   And I started to delve more into law, and courts and Acts of parliament.

Something dawned on me in that sort of “AHA!” moment.  The type of moment when a light flicks on and a new understanding comes over you and you feel energized.   I looked into court room procedures and watched, thousands of hours of lower court cases.   I read numerous books on law from both the legal profession and the non legal profession.   I then went and researched government, and how it came about.  Going back before the English settled on Canada’s shores.  Delved into how the expedition was financed and how the treaties were signed between England and the Natives.

After spending years reading and researching, I started sharing my findings.  Of course predictably, I have been called names and people have tried to shout me down.  I have even lost friends over my findings and my views.    This doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother me to lose a friend over a view.  It doesn’t bother me that people get angry. I understand why they are getting angry and why they disassociate themselves from me.

Truth is blunt and it’s honest.  It’s seldom nice and flowery and it definitely will get people angry.   The truths I have found and tried to share and will share on this blog are an affront to the core of people’s understanding of the world we live in.   They believe many things, all taught in the schools and passed on generation after generation until it becomes part of our very core being.   So when I get angry comments, I do not get offended.  When people try to call me names, I always remember that is the anger from the “programming” we have all been through.

My blog will anger you, if you already do not know what I will tell you.  It will cause you to call me radical or conspiracy nut or even a tin foil hat wearying nut.   I’ve heard them all.  I don’t care if you get angry.  That is a natural response.   I only care that you promise, not me, but yourself that you will have an open mind, and that once your anger has gone, to come back with an open mind.

I will always try to add links for sources on my blogs but this will not always be possible. Many websites that I have found information on have changed or disappeared.  That doesn’t mean I am wrong. It just means the info has been removed by sources beyond my control.   The information I provide can be found in many places.   And like the parts of a computer network, they are not in just one place.

The other thing I would like to point out, is the definition of words.  I’m a stickler on keeping to the definition of words and try to keep to their original meanings.  There is a huge reason for this.

Words are sounds.  We create sounds to identify things and each other.   Without meaning to the sounds we call words then they can mean anything and are useless.  So we give them meaning so we can all understand what we are saying with those sounds.   When we start ignoring the meanings that have been assigned to the sounds then we lose the ability to effectively communicate.    For example the word apple.   When we use that sound, we think of the red fruit from the tree.  We all know an apple and see the image of an apple in our minds.   If we ignore the definition of the word apple, then we try to have a conversation, and I say “the apple rolls down the road smoothly.”, and you wouldn’t understand what I meant because I changed the definition or meaning, and all communication breaks down.

The other thing I would like to point out is societies.   Every society on the planet has it’s own rules, it’s own language and it’s own membership.  In Canada for example we are Canadians, we have English and french and our citizens are the ones allowed to vote and get into the high offices of government.   This is just one example.  I will delving, into another one, hidden in plain sight that many people don’t even think of as a society, not even it’s own members.

Media, government, societies, courts and law will all be deconstructed and explained.  I will point out the major and minor flaws in all and show you were and how we are being manipulated, deceived and most of all, controlled.   And, believe me.  We are being controlled.   In every aspect of our lives, including in many cases our thought processes.

I hope you will continue to read as I post.  I won’t be responding to comments but feel free to keep discussions civil. Any nasty name calling comments or comments that don’t add to a civil discourse will be removed.

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